Hey there! I’m Allen Wang and this is my personal website. I call this online hub of mine Allen’s Whiteboard ‘cause I really enjoy drafting here anything I’m interested in. I finished my undergrad with a B.A. in Mathematical Economics from Fudan University in China, and a (not-BS-at-all) B.S. in Econometrics and Operations Research from de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen in Netherlands. Guess you’re wondering why on earth would a man go for two degrees across the whole Eurasia Plate. I don’t quite know, either. Human beings are notorious for changing their “lifelong persuit” all their entire life. I’ve known how economists would use game theory to explain a trade-war. I’ve seen how econometricians and statisticians argue over p-value (and agree on time-series analysis, sadly). I’ve even tried to solve real-life ward allocation as an ill-posed optimization problem. But eventually, it turns out that I’m most excited after designing a successful poker AI following game theory, that I’m more keen on predicting price dynamics regardless of method, and that I modeled the ward problem as a high-dimensional flappy bird game and solved it with reinforcement learning — really enjoyed playing it myself and realizing how impossible it was to beat my AI on scoreboard. Late 2018, I jumped onto the flight to America and received a M.S. in Financial Mathematics from the University of Chicago the second year. I’m currently a quant in a propriatary trading firm based in Chicago. I play poker, ping pong and a number of other ball games. I also spend hours on all sorts of, sometimes competitive, video games every week with my pals. I’m a certified saxophone player with almost 20 years of experience and an amateur gastronome doing experiments in his kitchen every single day.

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这里是汪洋的个人主页。本人来自银河系料酒之乡浙江绍兴,现居芝加哥,考出了驾照但还是不喜欢开车(但很喜欢骑自行车,guess what)所以多年待业在家,偶尔吹萨克斯,也会画一点画(譬如这个网站的头像)、打一些球、拉一杯拿铁甚至偶尔滑一个雪,但都不是很精通;业余帮本地一家小公司采购面粉和猪肉汽油什么的,所幸还没被开除。我在人生的前四分之一认识了了很多有意思的人,比如著名算法科学家毛毛;也遇到过不少糟心的事,譬如强迫自己在复旦学经济。我是一个很普通的人,梦想有朝一日能上火星,持有但非常怀疑比特币,同理for大部分机器学习,打狼人不擅长悍跳,打各种游戏优先武僧,平生最害怕的事情是在任何场合碰上猪队友、下班起身发现代码有bug、买了好多食材最后过期和别人问我“为什么你头像是一个红色的电话亭”(历时三年我终于换掉了这个头像)。你或许已经发现(或许没有)我有一点点强迫症,所以如果你发现我的博客有什么地方出现了问题,请第一时间告诉我:你可以通过邮件联系我,谢谢。最后,允许我假装文青地送一句诗给你(别问我为什么是这句,刷新一下页面你就知道了):