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2019-11-15 Eigenvectors from Eigenvalues?

2019-11-14 Josephus Problem

2019-11-05 Texas Hold'em Series (6): Range Estimation

2019-10-31 黄桃罐头

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2019-10-28 Bokeh Plots in a Blog Post

2019-10-23 Orthonormal Bases for Four Subspaces using Singular Value Decomposition

2019-10-21 谈《笑傲江湖》

2019-10-04 Notes on Mathematical Market Microstructure

2019-09-30 Notes on Multivariate Data Analysis via Matrix Decomposition

2019-09-28 行李箱

2019-09-11 Can n! be a Square Number?

2019-09-11 Continuous Integration in Blogging

2019-06-09 Hybrid Sentiment-Momentum Strategy in Cryptocurrency Market

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2019-04-16 Texas Hold 'em Series (5): Poker Game (w/ GUI)

2019-04-09 Texas Hold 'em Series (4): Hand Evaluation

2019-04-05 Texas Hold 'em Series (3): Odds Chart

2019-03-30 Texas Hold 'em Series (2): Poker Hands Dataset

2019-03-28 Texas Hold 'em Series (1): Basic Concepts

2019-03-16 Random Projection and Its Expectation

2019-02-21 Notes on Foreign Exchange

2019-02-21 Notes on Stochastic Calculus

2019-01-14 Billiard Tournament: Martingale, Kelly Criterion and More

2019-01-07 Deep Learning on MacOS with AMD eGPU?

2019-01-04 To the Arctic Circle (Again)!

2019-01-03 拔草:The Pump House


2018-12-05 How to Write a Chatroom on a Socket Server

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2018-05-12 Literature Review on Optimal Order Execution (5)

2018-05-06 Literature Review on Optimal Order Execution (4)

2018-05-05 Parameter Estimation of Brownian Motions by Method of Moments

2018-04-29 Literature Review on Optimal Order Execution (3)

2018-04-29 Literature Review on Optimal Order Execution (2)

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