I have recently started learning pottery, specifically wheel throwing. Quite a meditative process it is to turn clay (a fine word for mud/soil/earth) into any form in your mind with nothing but a wheel and your bare hands. More than sure that it’ll be a long-term hobby of mine, I doubt anybody would be willing to pay for my pieces yet, and thus am just showing my work below for illustration.

Spring 2024

I started throwing porcelain and celadon (青瓷, aka greenware, a type of porcelain glazed in jade green) when I came back to my hometown Shangyu (δΈŠθ™ž), which turned out to be one of the oldest origins of celadon since the Han Dynasty (AD25 - AD220). The texture of the clay is much different, specifically in that it tends to be rather soft and smooth yet really absorbent if you apply any water when throwing it (it will quickly end up collapsing, or cracking when dried). A rule of thumb is to lubricate it with slip only, as infrequently as possible.

Another interesting trait of porcelain is that it’s usually trimmed only when fully dried, which is why you sometimes see paper thin porcelain cups and bowls that are almost translucent. Carving on a bone dry surface is also a really different experience. Both trimming and carving tools need to be frequently sharpened.

Fall & Winter 2023

Been throwing pottery on a weekly basis during the latter half of year. Learning the techniques required to throw big, tall guys (and eventually back to the small ones).

Summer 2023

Back in the summer I haven’t taken any lesson on pottery yet. However, here are some of my ugly lovely pieces.